Futurecare at the Harbourfront Winter Architecture Exhibition 2014

So, for that past few months, I have been working to put together an exhibition for the Harbourfront Centre. Every season, the Centre opens a show featuring three architects/firms and an artist, all focused on a common theme. This season, that focus is on the future relationship between healthcare and built spaces. Needless to say, that’s pretty bang on my kind of thing, so I’m very glad that Pat Macauley, the curator of the exhibition, came across my thesis project last year and asked me to participate.

The exhibition will also feature of Diamond & Schmitt/KPMB and Ian Chodikoff. My part will focus on how the data-collecting capabilities of personal devices are allowing the process of healthcare to escape the concentrated points of hospitals and diffuse into the spaces that you inhabit every day.

Now, when I was doing Futureward for my thesis, I had a much larger picture in my head about how technology would affect the process of care. Because I had limited time and had to focus on the architectural aspects, a lot of the thinking that formed the backdrop to the project was invisible- but it was there. I’ve used this exhibition as a chance to scratch the surface of the larger world in which Futureward lives, and the result is Futurecare.

The opening is tonight, so stop by if possible- otherwise, be sure to check it out some time before June.