[EHRs] Designed with Patients in Mind

Great observations by Rajiv Leventhal. Even if the move to EHRs enables the a truly portable, patient-controlled medical record keeping system, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the information contained therein is going to be comprehensible.

I’m a big fan of the idea that showing patients their own medical data in an easily digestible way is the best way to change behaviour. Establishing cause and effect for one’s self is far more salient than being told what to do to be healthy; it’s the difference between reading the rules to baseball and actually going outside, throwing a ball around and swinging a bat.

If the move to a patient-centric system is going to meet it’s maximum potential, the ability to render the complex medical information it contains in a manner digestible for the layperson is key. Otherwise, the new, free EHR just becomes a tome that can only be deciphered by those in the know, and the technology involved would certainly allow us to do better than that.