Raspberry Pi Team Settles on PCB Design

For the uninitiated- Raspberry Pi is in-progress project to build a full-featured $25 ARM PC-on-a-PCB. So for $25, you plug in a screen, keyboard, and networking, and then BAM- full-on computer. Of course, things get more interesting when you plug in non-traditional peripherals and blend the setup into a room.

The Raspberry Pi board design

This is another case of something that I researched for Futureward- which I thought would take six or seven years to come to fruition- happening in less than two years. This is a big, significant step toward computing escaped concentrated points- desktop machines, phones, etc- and diffusing across the built environment. This, more than any other, is the major shift that will change how hosptials are built and upon which Futureward is predicated. Incredible to see it happening so quickly; I mean, I could wire up my entire apartment for $25 a board.